Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget

May 24, 2007

SMPS* invited Baron to sponsor their lunch forum titled “Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget: Maximizing Your Business Development Dollars” on May 17, where panelists spoke on effective and low-cost methods for promoting your company.

Here are 10 tips we found most helpful to drive your business:

1. Use a unique website design to set the tone for your company stressing on differentiating your company from your competition;

2. Use NSO (natural search optimization) to maximize your site’s placement on search engines;

3. Make every page of your site content rich;

4. Make your website user-friendly and informative;

5. Include partner links on your site for industry info.;

6. Make your literature flexible enough to use the same piece for many purposes (just have stickers made for booth info. for trade shows, etc.);

7. Use creative project/product names and catchy slogans of 7 words or less;

8. Sponsor community events to get press attention;

9. Give more unique corporate/holiday gifts/promotional pieces so they stand out from all the rest; and

10. avoid those attention-grabbing gimmicks that don’t speak to what your company does.

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About Engraving

May 24, 2007

Engraving In The Marketplace – Research Findings

Who is most likely to use engraving and why? What are the primary advantages?

The answers to these and other engraving-related questions are revealed in several research studies conducted throughout the past decade. The significant findings are summarized for you.

  • Yankelovich Study
  • Market Street Research
  • Altman Weil Study

Yankelovich Study

Yankelovich Partners, one of the world’s largest marketing research and consulting organizations with nationwide offices and international capabilities, specializes in interpreting business climates to provide critical market intelligence and strategic opportunities.

The study surveyed business executives about their attitudes and perceptions of corporate identity materials, as well as evaluating the impact of various reproduction techniques.

One of the most critical issues facing any organization is the ability to successfully create a distinctive and successful image in the minds of current customers, potential customers, trade audiences, investors and suppliers.

Nearly 4 out of 5 business executive chose engraving as the best option for their companies.

Two out of three executives surveyed say that “corporate identity materials should be considered a marketing expense rather than an office expense.”

According to business executives, engraved brand image tools would:

  • Make them proudest to present them to a client or potential customer
  • Impress them most if received from someone else
  • Communicate clearly that a company is prestigious

Does your identity system meet the top criteria cited by nationwide executives? Do your image materials demonstrate a sense of caring about your clients and potential customers?

Engraving received the highest ratings of all production techniques in providing the attributes most important to business executives.

Market Street Research

Market Street Research is an independent marketing research firm providing clients with custom designed research since 1976.

Seventy percent of the companies contacted believe image is critical in business, that engraving provides a professional, sophisticated and high quality “look” that will impress clients and increase their business, all for a minimal increase in cost.

Organizations use engraving specifically because of the image they believe engraving projects – to one of high quality, professionalism and being well established. Further, they feel that engraving distinguishes them from competition and makes them appear as though they have been in business longer.

Overall, those surveyed indicated that engraving gives an image of being high quality which is consistent with the image they are trying to project. Many said they use engraving because they feel an engraved image enables them to attract more clients.

85% believe that engraved stationery provides companies with an established and professional image.
92% said engraving produces a more distinctive look
72% understand that engraving allows them to produce more colorful and complex logos.

Altman Weil Study

Altman Weil provides management consulting services, surveys and publications exclusively to legal organizations and their suppliers. The firm is headquartered in Philadelphia and has nationwide offices.

This survey was conducted among in-house Corporate Counsel who are directly responsible for hiring independent law firms nationwide and the study examines responses of potential law firm clients toward different types of identity materials.

More than half of respondents said that engraving best conveyed the most important attributes of a law firm’s corporate identity; that engraving provides a positive first impression that is easy to read and conveys a professional, quality image which communicates that the law firm is successful.

Most respondents said that engraved stationery instilled greater confidence in a law firm than materials produced by other methods.

According to the law firm clients, providing a positive first impression, being easy to read at a glance, communicating a quality image and conveying a high degree of professionalism are the most important attributes of law firm stationery. Engraving outscored every other production method tested in each of these categories.

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Georgia-Pacific Announces Brand Name Change to Eureka! Copy Paper

May 24, 2007

Click on the following link to read a letter from Georgia-Pacific’s Senior Marketing Manager regarding the transition:

Eureka! Brand Paper Now Called Spectrum