Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget

SMPS* invited Baron to sponsor their lunch forum titled “Champagne Marketing on a Beer Budget: Maximizing Your Business Development Dollars” on May 17, where panelists spoke on effective and low-cost methods for promoting your company.

Here are 10 tips we found most helpful to drive your business:

1. Use a unique website design to set the tone for your company stressing on differentiating your company from your competition;

2. Use NSO (natural search optimization) to maximize your site’s placement on search engines;

3. Make every page of your site content rich;

4. Make your website user-friendly and informative;

5. Include partner links on your site for industry info.;

6. Make your literature flexible enough to use the same piece for many purposes (just have stickers made for booth info. for trade shows, etc.);

7. Use creative project/product names and catchy slogans of 7 words or less;

8. Sponsor community events to get press attention;

9. Give more unique corporate/holiday gifts/promotional pieces so they stand out from all the rest; and

10. avoid those attention-grabbing gimmicks that don’t speak to what your company¬†does.

*For more information about SMPS in the Bay Area, click on the following link to view their website:


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